Suicidologist/Mental Health Trainer/Consultant

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Online Training in the Fields of Suicidology, Mental Health, Crisis Intervention

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Who are we and what do we do?

We work in Suicide Awareness, Mental Health Training, and Non-Profit Business Consulting.

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Services for Non-Profit Agencies

Are you looking for a Trainer in Law Enforcement Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, and Non-Profit Grant Writing?

Learn about the benefits of these trainings on-site or online.

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About Me

15 Years in Suicidology, L.O.S.S. Team Developer, Outstanding Non-profit/Grant Writing Development and Management Skills, Mental Health Educator

Stephanie Schweitzer Dixon, Suicidologist


Experienced suicidologist who managed a nonprofit organization for thirteen and a half years, encompassing many skills, from nonprofit management skills, program implementation of a first response team working with law enforcement to knowledge of the suicidology and forensic psychology fields.


An expert in suicide postvention, suicide grief, crisis intervention, and law enforcement suicide prevention, providing education and knowledge to improve one's mental health and reduce suicide. Provide case reviews of deaths by suicide to determine factors why a person died by suicide. Special expertise in reviewing case files to determine why law enforcement officers and first responders died by suicide.


Technical writing, research, public speaking, curriculum development, community outreach, and program and community development.

How Can We Help?

Do you need an expert in the field of Suicidology, Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention and Postvention, Mental Health, Trauma, Suicide Grief, or Forensic Psychology? Maybe you need an expert writer and someone experienced in researching any of these topics. Reach out to us.

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Online, Group, and Individual Training

Subject Matter Expert in the Fields of Suicidology, Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, Grant Writing and Non-Profit Business Training that can be created for specialized audiences. Please contact Stephanie Schweitzer Dixon at for additional information.


Read my insights on Mental Health and Trauma based on research findings. Please review and share the 5 Key Steps for Successful Grantwriting. Click Here.


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